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Augmenting Immunity Part 1

This is a blog about the healing potential of crystals, Be aware that this represents my personal opinions, drawn from my experience as a health worker, and crystal healer. It should be treated as ideas that you may find useful to play with, rather than taken as concrete fact. I am not claiming Crystals will "cure" Covid-19, but I am suggesting that if you are a crystal lover, you will find this information useful, and you may find that you can bolster your immune response if needed. It does not replace all common-sense and mainstream measures for avoiding and treating a virus, rather it is a complimentary technique.

How to augment your immune response in the event of an acute flu or similar infections.

I will give you a simplified version up front, that equips you with immediate information, but it will be more useful for you if you then read the follow-up posts in coming days, which will provide a fuller understanding of these techniques.

Firstly, you should be aware that crystals do not treat the virus, rather they assist to organize our biofield in order to optimize immune response.

Secondly, there are several phases to any health problem, and we will respond to different crystals during different phases, depending on our energy needs at the time.

Thirdly, its hard to make sense of crystal therapies unless you have developed some basic skills in either pendulum dowsing or muscle testing; so I will assume you are familiar with these ideas.

Now we will talk about the acute phase of the illness, as this responds well to crystals and could make an immediate difference to your predicament.

An acute viral infection will present typically as a sore throat, fever, a dry cough, and acute tiredness.

If you initiate crystal treatment immediately - i.e as soon as you feel the first 5% of a sore throat or other symptoms, you will probably make very good progress. I have had numerous people tell me how they have successfully treated their colds and flues with bloodstone, so I am sure crystals can provide a powerful boost to the immune system when applied in a timely manner.

This is how you do it.

  1. At the first sign of symptoms, locate the thymus point on the upper third of the sternum (breast bone). This will be quite tender if it is relevant, and will test as in "excess" if you check with a pendulum or muscle test.

  2. Hold the bloodstone to the point, and check if you get a positive reading with your pendulum or muscle test.

  3. If so, tape it in place, and leave it for several hours.

  4. If it itches or irritates it is the wrong stone for you at this time, so remove it.

  5. After a few hours the symptoms may have reduced, (e.g. the sore throat may have settled) in which case stay with the bloodstone until you feel to take it off.

  6. If the fever has continued to build swap the bloodstone for a blue coral, and continue to alternate these stones approximately every 4 hours. 

This is very simplified and generalized information, but I am hoping it will be useful for some people.

In the next post we will talk about the prodromal phase of an infection, predisposing factors that make you more vulnerable, and how you can pick up your energy before trouble develops.

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