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Augmenting Immunity Part 2

  1. VULNERABILITY - the state of tiredness and weakened immunity that makes us susceptible to infection.

  2. ACUTE - the sudden onset and acceleration of symptoms such as sore throat, fever, fatigue.

  3. TOXIC - the state of gridlock where the accumulating cell deaths clog up the free flow of lymphatic system, and recovery stagnates.

  4. DEGENERATIVE - when the immune response is exhausted and the person is deteriorating.

Crystals can be invaluable helpers at any stage, if you know where to look. The degenerative phase is in the domain of emergency medicine, so we won't go there.  But lets look at things we can do early in the piece to strengthen our defenses before trouble develops. Let's talk about VULNERABILITY. The vulnerable people in the Covid crisis appear to be the ones who's vitality is diminished:  they have a weakened immune response. If  we had access to blood tests we might expect them to present with a T-cells count (CD-4 count) on the lower end of the spectrum. (We'll talk about the Thymus and T-cells in the next post). These people fly under the radar in conventional medicine, as there is no system (that I am aware of) for classifying vitality of immune response. However, this might be the underlying "pandemic": that a significant percentage of people are dragging themselves along in a severely depleted state, and the addition of another major stressor (e.g. a virus, fear of a virus, 5G, travel fatigue etc) might be one thing too many. There are basically two categories of people here at risk here.

  1. The aged and chronically exhausted. People who's immune response is burned out from  chronic health problems.

  2.  Acutely exhausted, but otherwise healthy people. People whose immunity is depleted due to stress ( e.g. lack of sleep, emotional and mental stress, EM stress). Bare in mind our medical personnel and first-responders here.

This is something we can all pay more attention to. 

From an energy perspective, a vulnerable person will present with

  1. Acute or chronic tiredness, and

  2. They will test as deficient at the thymus point.

There are many other reasons for tiredness that I wont go into here. This is just a quick fix that might be useful for those who feel their immunity is flagging.

 Just be clear; if the thymus tests as depleted (to pendulum or muscle test) then the immune system needs support. 

My suggestions here are simple:

If it is chronic exhaustion, check the thymus for compatibility with Red Jasper.

If it is acute stress, Magnetised Hematite might be a better choice.

Other candidates might be Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Ruby or Garnet.

As we talked about in the last post:

  1. Test the crystal against your thymus (with pendulum or muscle test), for a strong response. With Magnetised Hematite you will have to test both sides of the crystal - only one will test strong.

  2. Tape the crystal onto the thymus point.

  3. If you get any irritation, take it off, as it is the wrong stone.

  4. Leave it whilst it feels good, you will probably find your energy picks up in a matter of hours.

  5. Take it off if it irritates, or you feel you have had it there long enough (It could be hours or days).

NB these are energisers to use when you are depleted but not sick. If acute symptoms develop see the previous post.

Sorry for being a bit technical here. For those of you unfamiliar with this work, stick around and the language will gradually become easier. 

Next, I would like to talk about The Thymus: where the battle is lost or won.

DISCLAIMER This is a blog about the healing potential of crystals, Be aware that this represents my personal opinions, drawn from my experience as a health worker, and crystal healer. It should be treated as ideas that you may find useful to play with, rather than taken as concrete fact. I am not claiming Crystals will "cure" Covid-19, but I am suggesting that if you are a crystal lover, you will find this information useful, and you may find that you can bolster your immune response if needed. It does not replace all common-sense and mainstream measures for avoiding and treating a virus, rather it is a complimentary technique.

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