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About Acupuncture


There is a good reason acupuncture has been in use for two thousand years. It is highly effective as  for a number of health conditions. In particular it is unparalleled as a treatment for many types of pain.

I did my clinical diploma in acupuncture in 1996 and have used it ever since.


I have a minimalist approach, using one needle at a time on carefully chosen and located points. This is a painless approach as the needle is not vigorously stimulated; I simply insert the needle and hold it until I feel the vibration settles down, at this stage the muscle is relaxed and the pain will have diminished.

I am very conscious of patient safety and therefore use only areas of the body where there is no risk of injury (For "risky" areas such as the upper neck tuning fork therapy is very effective and the preferred choice).


If you have a particular aversion to needles, it is not necessary to use acupuncture, there are other treatment strategies available (See PhysiokeySonic Vibrational Therapy and Colorpuncture).



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