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These before-and-after evaluations of a 20-minute Lucia Lamp session were taken on the HeartQuest Pro software. The Brain activity estimate is derived by algorithm from analysis of heart rate variability. NOTE • Brain Power Spectrum (dial at the bottom of the page) changes from Very Low (39) to Optimal (145). • The Brain Wave Profile chart at the top of the page displays richer and more varied waves after the session. The subject reported feeling markedly less stressed, more alert and open, and colours seemed richer. At Back In Harmony Physio we use the Lucia Lamp to counteract mental stress, fatigue, anxiety and trauma. It helps with relaxation, sleep, pain management, and especially with mental resilience, and creating a positive frame of mind. It is also useful for enhancing cognitive performance when there is mental fatigue, or mental stress Best results are obtained with a series of sessions.

exploring the LUCIA lamp No 3.

Barry (a worker in his forties) was angry and unhappy. Something had upset him, he was feeling acutely stressed, and he was blaming his girlfriend; although, when talking to him, he couldn't explain what exactly had happened, just that he was pushing her away. In other words, he was triggered! His mind was restless, discontent and looking for someone or something to blame. When people are in this state, they can be reactive and make impulsive and destructive life decisions (such as ending relationships and jobs). In fact, many people are prone to theses ruminating states of unhappy thoughts. It is the basis of human suffering. Listening to them and talking can help, but how do we bring them to a place where they can let go of the upset, and reset? A place from where they can make balanced, insightful and constructive decisions? When I physically assess such a case, the tell-tale signs of mental stress are easy to detect. The persons forehead will be clammy and moist, indicating the brain is working overtime and accumulating metabolic toxicity (which is part of the stress spiral). This is where the Lucia Lamp excels. It is the perfect modality for a quick mental reset. It provides rapid relief from mental and emotional stress. It employs a revolutionary use of photobiological principles to enhance mood and mental clarity. So, I had Barry lie under the light for a twenty-minute sequence.​

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The lamp is shone directly on the forehead and closed eyes from a distance of about 40-50 CM. Headphones are worn to provide relaxing sounds, and shut out environmental noise. The lamp head contains a full-spectrum light at its centre and four large LEDs around its edges. It rhythmically pulses white light in a strobe-like fashion, at frequencies that are compatible with natural brain waves. There are over 170 programmes (or sequences) to choose from, so this is where therapeutic experience is important. The sequenced pulsation entrains the brain waves, and brings the brain towards a state of electrical symmetry, as measure by EEG in the laboratory. The experience is to witness a fantastic array of colour and geometry that is always changing - this is such a rich experience that it commands your full attention and can be quite blissful. Naturally, this creates a relaxation response. Sensations of energy movement, visions and insights are common. Afterwards most people will feel a quieting of the mind, a sense of greater clarity and openness, and a pleasantly elevated mood state that may last for hours or days. In this state it is easier to be less drawn in to stressful thought patterns and interactions, and to make better life decisions.


When he sat up he was smiling. He was very intrigued by the array of colours and patterns he had seen. He described feeling clearer in the mind, more relaxed, and happier. Next time I saw him he told me he had managed to talk issues through with his girlfriend and things were fine...not a bad result for a twenty-minute treatment. ​Whilst I could tell stories of more profound experiences under the lamp, I chose this simple anecdote because it illustrates how effective this modality can be for common situations where the mind id suffering. Everybody suffers in this way from time to time, and this is such a great option to have available when we need to break out of the stress cycle. ​At Back In Harmony Physiotherapy, because stress is so much a part of pain problems, we use the Lucia Lamp No3 to help alleviate states of mental, physical, and emotional stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and chronic pain. It may be used as an adjunct when working with stress-related conditions such as headaches, vertigo, raised blood pressure, muscular tension, and chronic pain. It helps the mind and the body let go of tension, and clears habitual mental patterns such as chronic anger, worry, and unhappiness.

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The lamp may be useful if you are: looking for rapid stress relief and a mental reset. looking for improved sleep. needing a burst of mental energy and clarity to get out of a rut, or ring the changes in life. wanting to feel more well. exploring consciousness and looking for deeper meditation. wanting to sharpen mental functioning that has declined with aging and stress. needing to function at peak mental clarity for study or business. seeking a sustained elevated mood state. needing deeper ability to relax and be at ease in the body. needing pain management and convalescence.

  • A mind that feels bright, clear, and alert.

  • Mental Resilience and clearer thinking.

  • Greater happiness and optimism

  • Clearer sensory awareness

  • Improved ability to be organised and get things done

  • Improved meditation and relaxation.

  • Greater clarity regarding life direction

  • Greater awareness of beauty, appreciation, and gratitude.


With The Lucia Lamp No3 ...only at Back In Harmony Physiotherapy...​



Whilst the Lucia has been used in the clinical context in Europe for over ten years, this is not a registered medical device in Australia, nor is it claimed that it cures any medical condition. Rather, it is a technology for enhancement of brain function.  With improved brain function comes a better quality of life, regardless of your health or circumstances. ​NOT TO BE USED WHERE THERE IS A HISTORY OF LIGHT-SENSITIVE EPILEPSY If you are working with MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, it is best to be working with the support of a professional to help you process your experience. Ideally, they would have familiarity with phototherapies and the Lucia light. There are no instant cures in deeper mental health issues, so you might expect ups and downs, as in any healing process. If you are working with PHYSICAL HEALTH ISSUES, the Lucia makes an excellent support, but does not claim to cure any conditions.

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