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About Vogel Work


The most subtle work creates the deepest  changes. Vogel work is a metaphyhsical technique, with some similarities to Reiki and Pranic Healing, where the symmetry of the human energy field is restored using a precisely cut natural quartz "wand".


The work was initially created by Marcel Vogel, a physicist and inventor, who worked as the senior scientist at IBM throughout the 1970s. His work was heavily involved with the properties of quartz, and its ability to store and transmit information (Which is the basis for all computer chips, and therefore all the devices of the modern age). He held over 40 patents for computing devices such as the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and published numerous scientific papers.

In the course of his work Marcel Vogel became aware of the healing potential of quartz, and started to cut rods for the specific purpose of manipulating the human energy field. Upon retirement he became a full-time healer and teacher, even though he knew his Scientific reputation would be damaged.


People are often amazed at how much they feel when someone is working without touching them. Long held and deep tensions and conflicts surface naturally, and are released without efforting.

Vogel work usually brings a deep sense of relaxation, often accompanied by clear insight into the cause of problems, and a sense of reconnection with our deepest self.


This is especially recommended as an adjunct to treating deep health problems, long held emotions and traumas, and chronic pain.




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