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About Crystal Point Therapies


Crystal Point Therapy (CPT) is a new and exciting modality that employs the use of natural crystals for relief of pain, illness and suffering.


Crystal therapies have been used throughout history. There is evidence of it being a favored modality in Ancient Egypt, Pre-Colombian America, Biblical Judea and Medieval Christian Europe.

It fell into disregard with the advent of materialistic science, simply because mainstream science has no viable theory to explain human consciousness, nor the human and planetary energy fields. Despite this, many types of vibrational medicine are both popular and effective (including Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Color therapies and Sound therapies).


CPT is a gentle, relaxing and non-invasive therapy that can deliver surprisingly good results in the treatment of most types of pain, immune problems, organ disturbances and, psycho-spiritual suffering. It is a holistic approach that brings into balance levels of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.




How does it work?


The human energy field (Chakras and Meridians) is the underlying system that organizes both our cellular functioning, and our thoughts and feelings. All forms of health problems involve a temporary or long-term disturbance of the symmetry of the energy field. (This is often referred to as misaligned chakras or blocked meridians).

Crystals have a very stable vibration, and this can be introduced to the human energy field to balance disturbances, leading to a surprisingly rapid easing of pain, illness and emotional upset.

Crystals are part of the earth, and when used therapeutically, they restore natural vibration to the body. In doing this they reconnect us to Mother Earth and our own sense of natural ease.

CPT combines an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and psychology with a deep understanding of esoteric anatomy and the human spiritual condition.


What can be treated?


CPT can be used as a stand-alone treatment for most common ailments. For more complex situations it can be favorably combined with other modalities including: medical management, psychology, psychotherapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and naturopathy.


Pain problems

CPT eases physical pain and injury.

This includes (but is not limited to): Back injuries, neck pain and tension, frozen shoulder, bursitis, tennis elbow, sciatica, arthritic joints, and headaches.

Health problems

CPT helps you recover health and stamina.

It is excellent for assisting resolution of recurrent infections (colds, sinusitis, ear infections), low immunity (Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia),  organ dysfunctions (irritable bowel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hepatitis, gall bladder pain, adrenal fatigue), and recovery from surgery and physical trauma.

Mental/Emotional issues

CPT is an effective mood lifter.

It helps with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, insomnia, and recovery from trauma and abuse.

It restores positivity and optimism.


With a little experience and attunement, you can learn to lift your own moods and ease physical symptoms.

What does a session involve?

You wear whatever amount of clothing you feel comfortable in. (Thick clothing such as denim jeans, belts and studs are not recommended).

You lie on a couch whilst the practitioner detects relevant points on your body; this involves light (respectful) touch.

Crystals are held to the points.

Your body feelings direct the process, so you will be asked what you are feeling and where.

Most people will experience a pleasant sense of relaxation.

Often a crystal is recommended to wear for a few days after the session.


"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't"
- Shakespeare (Hamlet)
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could this be the most overlooked organ in modern health care?
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"All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third it is accepted as self evident."

- Rabbi Shiomo Riskin 1998

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